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We start a project only after first listening and understanding customer requirements. With our accumulated experience and dispensing expertise, SAN-EI TECH solutions are customized for individual needs.q

We Aim for Cost-effective, Innovative and Customer-oriented Dispensing Solutions

SAN-EI TECH has accumulated a great deal of experience and developed technical expertise with dispensing processes from an extremely diverse application base and by helping customers solve virtually any dispensing challenges.

We Provide Faster, Accurate and Repeatable Dispensing

Faster, Accurate and Repeatable dispensing have become keywords for the industry which has increased the demand for sophisticated dispensers. Working with our technically advanced manufacturing base and with selected partners and suppliers, we can quickly respond to a variety of customer demands. Our visibility and presence in advanced industrial markets proves we are a leading solution provider.

Limitless Dispensing Solutions for a Wide Variety of Industries:

With considerable experience with manufacturers of electronic products, optical devices, precision equipment, and other small devices, we can offer creative optimized solutions, especially if you have challenges in your dispensing processes.

(Examples of past applications)

Automotive Parts

Cell Phones

Medical Equipment

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