Tube/cartridge dispensing system AUTOTUBE

Jet Dispenser


Quick installation and easy dispensing of materials pre-packaged in tubes or cartridges

Tube/cartridge dispensing system AUTOTUBE

The AUTOTUBE system is specifically designed to dispense fluids directly from various tubes or cartridges without refilling into other containers by using air pressure and a unique inner/outer reservoir design.

  • No refilling, no contamination or bubbles
  • Air pressured mechanism greatly reduces operator workload
  • Can be combined with dispensing valves (ATD300CV-S AUTOTUBE set with dispensing valve)
  • Enhances accuracy and consistency

AUTOTUBE standard set

for 100g tube material:ATD100C-S
for 200g tube material:ATD200C-S
for 330g cartridge material:ATD300CB-S

ATD300CV-S AUTOTUBE set with dispensing valve

Tube/cartridge dispensing system AUTOTUBE

Combining with the SET dispensing valves provides better dispensing consistency and accuracy especially for automation processes.

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