Precision Lubrication System LUBEMATE


Jet Dispenser


High precision with even, uniform lubricant coatings that remarkably improve productivity


LUBEMATE system applies lubricant coatings as fine, even films of fluid without overspraying, splashing or misting ensuring complete coverage especially for cutting tool operations with a metal stamping machine.

  • A very small profile spray valve, LM87 easily retrofits to existing machines
  • Increases accuracy especially for very small volumes of oil coating
  • One controller can adjust up to 8 valves
  • LM87-WF mounted on feedstock can be applied up to a maximum width of 165mm
  • Drastically reduces both production costs and lubricant consumption
  • Prolongs the sharpening period of die

Applications (high speed stamping)

  • ・ Lead frames
  • ・ Connector pins
  • ・ Motor cores
  • ・ Can end pull tabs
  • ・ Battery components
  • ・ Heat exchangers: forming of cooling fins
  • ・ Automobile parts
  • ・ Timepiece components
  • ・ Mobile device componentsz1

LM87 & LM87-WF Precision Lubricant Spray Valve

Size 65.8mm(H)×46.2mm(W)
Weight 263g
Fluid body SUS303
Needle, Nozzle SUS303
Air cap SUS303
Diaphragm PTFE、FKM
Fluid inlet 1/8NPT female
Mounting hole M6 Tap hole

LM62 Valve for lubricating forming die

Size φ26.9mm(fluid chamber)×62.8mm
Weight 265g
Material SUS303 *wetted parts are SUS303, UHMW
Withstand pressure 0.5MPa


LUBEMATE System Controller LMC380

Size 143.0mm(W)×220.2mm(D)×269.0mm(H)
Weight 5.9kg(8 valves specified)
Air pressure 0.4〜0.6MPa
Reservoir pressure 0.12〜0.3MPa
Nozzle pressure 0〜0.2MPa

LUBEMATE System Controller LMC380 widely controls the volume of coating fluids from minute to large. The dispensed volume can be adjusted even while the system is running, which is especially advantageous for an intermittent dispensing process. One controller is capable of driving up to eight valves.

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