Rotary Tubing Dispenser SRD250


Precision Iubrication system

  • Rotary Tubing Dispenser

Unique rotary mechanism applies a minute amount of low viscosity instantaneous material

The SRD250 rotary (peristaltic) movement extends the life of the tube and generates fewer air bubbles in the fluid. Various materials such as instant adhesives (cyanoacrylates), thread-locking fluids, anaerobic adhesives, solvents and medical fluids can be consistently dispensed using either a PTFE or a Silicone tube.
  • Reduces stress on fluid feed tubes extending tube life
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Less heat transfer because of the rotary mechanical part (fluid remains at constant temperature)
  • Digital timer is standard to the SRD250
  • Light and small foot print
  • 100VAC-240VAC adapter for universal application
  • movies

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