Precision Automated Vision Dispensing System AXELIA


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01 All-in-one dispensing solution for critical dispensing demands

Precision Automated Vision Dispensing System AXELIA


High precision automatic vision guided dispensing system AXA series, equipped with simple image processing features enables flexible and intuitive operation applied for various assembling processes that require high level of dispensing conditions.

  • Accurate fiducial identification and alignment for accurate repeatable dispense placement
  • Proprietary vision-controlled “Fluid Magic” software developed for simple user friendly setup, programming and operation

Intuitive and easy programming with simple navigation

Fluid Magic's advanced apabilities

High Accuracy, advanced motion control with integrated vision allows for increased production capacity, faster cycles, improved quality over more tedious and complex projects.


Block offset feature

Making global changes to batch or group of address in a program only by selecting two points in X, Y, and theta directions for faster and less programming.


Pre-dispense simulate path feature

Provides user the ability to visually review dispensing programmed path and estimated cycle speed before running actual program.


Encapsulation feature

Few, easy steps allows users define area, shape and coverage to be filled. Program command enables easy adjustment to fine-tune dispensing parameters to be filled with 2 points for rectangle and 3 points for circle.


Automatic array repeat feature

Automatically duplicates a single dispensing dot or path points into multiple within a grid pattern in X or Y direction.


Simple Vision teaching through searching & pointing

All steps of the programming process can be visually steered for precise calibration and offsets.


Image alignment feature

Dual references for fiducial marks in X / Y align entire part and adjust all dispense points in program.


Image correction feature

Angle correction allows identification of part orientation and changes programing from original for seamless uninterrupted dispensing.

  • 簡単ティーチングの流れ

    ①Set the angle of the mark.

  • 多軸制御用ロボット

    ②Set the dual reference of fiducial points.

Built in File Download utility for accurate, flexible dispense programming

Download product coordinates or scan image for automatically.

① Integrated DXF download Function

Automatically converts DXF formatted dispense or part image into program points to create dots, lines, arcs, circles, etc.

②Part scanning function

Scan an actual work piece image to be easily converted into program points aligned to the exact part placement on fixture plate.

PCソフトウェア「JR C-PointsⅡ」
  • 方向指定によりソート機能

    Vision guided programming save stedious programming time

  • 方向指定によりソート機能

    Accurate point converting to reduce operating time

Sensor options for consistency in dispensing height


Item AXA200 AXA300 AXA400 AXA600
Number of Axis 3 Axis
Operating Range X & Y Axis 200 / 200 300 / 300 400 / 400 600 / 500
Z Axis 75mm 150mm
Maximum Portable Load X Axis (Tool) 3KG 5KG
Y Axis (Workpiece) 10KG
Maximum Speed
(PTP Drive)
X Axis 500 mm/sec 800 mm/sec
Y Axis 500 mm/sec 800 mm/sec
Z Axis 200 mm/sec 320 mm/sec
Repeatability (Robot) X, Y, Z Axis ± 0.008mm
Data Storage PC storage
Interpolation 3 axes (3D space)
  Languages English (Standard), Japanese
Drive Movement PTP & CP
External Input/Output I/O 32 inputs / 32 outputs
Tip Detection System Optional (Contact type)
Vision Camera USB–standard vision / CCD–High-precesion
Lens Included
  Lighting Included
Power Supply Auto-switching AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Temperature 10 ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity 20~90% (non condensing)
Liner Guide Single LM Guide
Drive Method XY Axis / 3-Phase Micro Stepping Motor / Synchronous belt
Z Axis / 3-Phase Micro Stepping Motor / Precision Ball Screw
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