Pressurized Fluid Tanks

Top-port type (standard)

Pressurized fluid tanks

  • Pressurized Fluid Tanks

Line up

  Part number Volume Weight

Standard type

SFTF-191027 2L 4.0kg
SFTF-191225 3L 5.5kg
SFTF-191525 5L 7.0kg
SFTF-192035 10L 17.0kg

Bottom-port type

SFTR-191221 3L 5.0kg
SFTR-191525 5L 6.5kg
SFTR-192028 10L 11.0kg

Top-port type (standard)

Top-port type (standard)

Standard tanks are made of stainless-steel, and are designed to handle up to a 5 liter bottle or a fluid cartridge. Bottles or cartridges are placed directly inside the tanks and pressurized with a controlled and constant pressure to feed the fluid out of the top fluid port. The bottles or cartridges can be easily replaced and the time for cleaning can be drastically reduced as the dispensed fluids never wet the inside of the tank.


Bottom-port type

Bottom-port type

This type of tank is also made of stainless-steel and can hold up to a 10 liter bottle. The tank is pressurized so that fluids can be fed out of the bottom port. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the tank minimize the build-up of residue, which results in clean dispensing stations.

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