Precision valve systems – low maintenance, rugged and reliable

SV Series Valves

With superior durability and accuracy, SV series valves provide highly reliable dispensing solutions with low maintenance requirements.

Conformal coating valves SV01S

Line up

Model Application Valve type Weight and size Wetted parts
SV01CS For conformal coating Needle type 312g
φ26.9mm x 143mm
303 stainless steel
SV70 334g
Teflon or UHMW
303 stainless steel
01 Conformal coating valves


Conformal coating valves SV01S
  • Excellent spray control for high-viscosity materials up to 10,000 mPa (s)
  • Compatible uses for UV materials, silicones, and epoxies categorized as VOC-free material
  • Controlled spraying without splattering
02 Conformal coating valves


Conformal coating valves SV70
  • For the application of thin-film coating material in clearly defined patterns
  • Square-cut carbide nozzle reduces clogging and increases reliability
  • Large area coverage with low flow rates
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