Precision valve systems – low maintenance, rugged and reliable

SV Series Valves

With superior durability and accuracy, SV series valves provide highly reliable dispensing solutions with low maintenance requirements.

Piston valves SV35DA

Line up

Model Application Valve type Weight and size Wetted parts
SV35DA For mid-to-high viscosity fluids Piston valve type 379g
303 stainless steel
SV35HF 333g
303 stainless steel
01 Piston valves


Piston valves SV35DA
  • Positive shut off for dispensing of medium to high viscosity fluids
  • Pullback movement for clean cut off of greases and silicones
  • Excellent chemical resistance from unique UHMW polymer diaphragm sealing head
02 Needle valves


Needle valves SV51MD
  • Consistent microdots with a variety of assembly fluids
  • Fluid volume is adjustable using finely graduated micrometer control
  • Drip-free needle valve designed to be used with 22 to 33 gauge precision dispensing tips
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